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Cover of the book Baffle That Bully - The game that puts YOU in control and makes the bully lose interest

Bully-Proof Your Child! Written by a Family to Help Other Families

Hi! I’m Scarlett. Other kids used to pick on me all the time, but guess what I figured out? If you turn your encounters with bullies into a game, they will get bored and leave you alone. Quite simply: it won’t be fun for them anymore! And you’ll do it all without sinking to their level. Now, let me teach you how to play …


You don’t have to be a victim of bullying just because you’re a target of bullying.


Baffle That Bully! will show you how to maintain your cool while distracting bullies, throwing them off their game, and putting them in a game where you make the rules. It’s about  being the keeper of your feelings and believing  in yourself. The message is positive, and the goal is to help you gain confidence. That confidence and sense of self-worth could help you handle just about any unpleasant situation.

Baffle That Bully!  was written by a family to help other families: co-written by  a mother and her 9-year-old daughter, who was the target of emotional bullying for 2 years, and co-illustrated by sisters.

Genesis of the Game:

Baffle That Bully! is based on the experiences of the young author Chase Anichini, who knows what it’s like to be bullied. For more than 2 years she dealt with kids who constantly picked on her, called her names, and told her that nobody like her.  She tried ignoring them, she tried reporting them to the teacher, and she tried avoiding them. But no matter what she did, the bullies continued to verbally abuse her.

So, Chase realized she had a choice to make: either allow those bullies to continue to make her life miserable or take control of the situation. Chase decided there was no way she was going to let those bullies win! With her parents’ help, she developed a strategy: by following 3 simple steps, she turned her encounters with bullies into a game. What happened next was incredible: the bullies got bored and left her alone!

Chase named her game Baffle That Bully! She and her mother co-wrote the book to teach other kids how to play. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Who better to teach a child how to overcome bullying than a girl who was bullied yet emerged happier and more confident than before?

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