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Building Confidence: One of the Keys to Bully-Proofing Your Child

Letter written by a child to a bully: Dear Bully, You no longer have any power over me!

When your child has been the target of bullying, the whole family can dread the first day of a new school year … and all the days that follow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children informed their bullies that the jig is up, so the bully might as well quit trying to torment them? I picture my child writing a note and handing copies to everyone who has ever verbally or emotionally bullied her. It goes something like this:   Well, even if we can’t get our children to go this extreme, we can help them develop this mindset: there is no way you’re going to win, bully! If …

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New Book Review Calls Baffle That Bully a Great Resource & Strategy Guide for Parents

We are so excited to share this positive book review of Baffle That Bully! Scott Scheff calls Baffle That Bully “a great resource and strategy guide to prepare your child just in case or for dealing with any type of stressful or negative situation.” Thank you to Scott Scheff for the lovely review and to Sue Scheff for sharing it on her blog. You can read Scott Scheff’s Full Review of Baffle That Bully here.

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