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Baffle That Bully Co-Authors to Speak at CSROA Bullying Conference 2013 in San Diego

Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini: Baffle That Bully Co-Authors, Anti-Bullying Advocates, Speakers

  We are thrilled to announce that Baffle That Bully Co-Authors Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini will be speaking at the California School Resource Officers’ Association (CSROA) Bullying Conference 2013 in SanDiego Oct 28-29th. ¬†Our session is entitled Baffle That Bully: A Mother and Daughter Share Their Story and Strategy for Empowering the Target. We’ll cover 5 main topics: 1. How we discovered our child was the target of emotional and verbal bullying 2. Who helped in making things better 3. The 3 Step Strategy we created that helped our daughter turn encounters with bullies into a game 4. How we transformed this negative experience into something positive 5. …

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Ask Scarlett: How Can I Escape the Bully Who’s Everywhere? (Part 1 of 2)

Darling cartoon character Scarlett Jones the heroine of Baffle That Bully wants to help children handle encounters with bullies and mean kids

About a month ago, I received a very heart-felt Ask Scarlett question from a mom (let’s call her Susan) and her 5th grade son (let’s call him Keith). There were so many layers to their questions that their e-mail to me was a full page – you know, if I printed it – and my private response to them was 4 pages! Now, how am I going to summarize this Q&A in a blog post?! Well, I decided I would need 2 posts. Today, I’ll answer Keith’s question. In a few days, I’ll answer Susan’s question. Keith writes: Last summer I was in a professional musical theatre show with mostly …

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One Child’s Journey From Bullying Victim to Youth Anti-Bullying Advocate

Chase Anichini Co-Author of Baffle That Bully! and Youth Anti-Bullying Advocate

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Chase Anichini, Co-Author of Baffle That Bully, decided to share her story in her own words with our readers. Chase’s story first appeared on My Kindness Counts; we thank them for their support and for spotlighting youth who are making a difference in other people’s lives. Chase believes it’s important to share her experience so other kids know they are not alone, it can happen to anyone, & you CAN play a role in stopping it. Chase is living proof that you don’t have to be a victim of bullying just because you’re a target of bullying.   My Experience With Bullying: Hi! …

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