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No One Can Make You Feel Small

Blue sky background with empowering quote: No one can make you feel small unless you agree to feel small.

  “No one can make you feel small unless you agree to feel small” – Tiger Lily Positive Quotes artwork from Baffle That Bully! ********** We encourage you to: Share, Re-Post, Like, Pin, Download, or Print as a reminder that you are the only one who gets to decide how you feel! Please don’t alter in any way. Original quote, person or character to whom quote is attributed, and MUST remain on the image.  Quote source: “What Makes the Brave Man Brave” song from Disney’s Peter Pan Jr. musical.        

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Ask Scarlett: How Can I Help My Child Escape the Bully Who’s Everywhere? (Part 2 of 2)

Darling cartoon character Scarlett Jones the heroine of Baffle That Bully wants to help children handle encounters with bullies and mean kids

NOTE: When Scarlett answers questions from children and tweens, both of our authors (mother and daughter) are speaking as Scarlett. To answer parents’ questions, anti-bullying advocate and speaker Amy Jones Anichini, the mom of our mother/daughter writing team, takes the lead as she does in today’s post. Remember 5th grader Keith and his mom Susan who asked for advice about how to escape the bully who seems to be everywhere? We had so much to say to this mother and son that we needed 2 blog posts to cover it all. Make sure you read Part 1 of 2: Scarlett’s Response to Keith first. Then, come back here for Part 2 of 2 …

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The Power of Positive Communication from “A Platform for Good”

Amy Jones Anichini Co-Author of Baffle That Bully and Anti-Bullying Advocate

1/1/15 update: FOSI recently changed the name of A Platform for Good to Good Digital Parenting. This article and links have been updated to reflect that change. Baffle That Bully! co-author Amy Jones Anichini wrote an article recently about the ripple effect of positive communication for A Platform for Good (now called Good Digital Parenting) – a division of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). You can read the full article here: The Power of Positive Communication It’s amazing how what starts with just one person can spread. Today, try to improve your relationship with someone (your child, your spouse, a friend or co-worker) by giving that person your full, …

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