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“Working as a speech/language pathologist in an elementary school and teaching social communication groups, I found this book extremely useful when addressing teasing and bullying …” – N. Stevens via Amazon.com


“One of my sons had already seen success in using the techniques recommended in the book …  This is a must read for families and teachers in the classroom.”– Shannon via Amazon.com


“Great book. Teaches tools not only for children, needing to learn how to handle verbal abuse from bullies, but for adults – teaches skills for handling any intentional annoying behavior from another … Very widely applicable and very tangible. Highly recommend.”– E. Meier via Amazon.com


“Kudos to this family for writing this book. I think it is excellent and very well presented, very readable for kids and very informative. I’d recommend it to anyone!”– Anne via Amazon.com


“Well worth the read and a great resource for kids, parents, and educators …”– Elizabeth via Facebook


“… Great resource and strategy guide to prepare your child … for dealing with any type of stressful or negative situation.”– Scott via SueScheffBlog.com


“Love love love … Parents, please check out this incredible resource.”– My Kindness Counts via Facebook


“Great resource … a kid-tested guide to give kids power over the bullies they may encounter.”– Barbara via Facebook


” … Quite insightful and offers a realistic way to stop bullying behavior … Donated it to the school counselor at the elementary school where I work.”– Betsy via email


“Thank you for sharing this with the world.”– S. Hinkle via Facebook


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