Bully Baffler Scarlett Jones is Ready to Talk to Her Readers

So, you’ve read the book Baffle That Bully! and met the heroine Scarlett Jones.  Scarlett showed you how to play The Game That Puts YOU in Control & Makes the Bully Lose Interest. But there is a lot of information packed into that little book of self-empowerment, isn’t there?
As you’re learning to play the game and baffle YOUR bullies, Scarlett thought you might like to talk to her.
Darling cartoon character Scarlett Jones wants to teach children how to Baffle That Bully!
        • Do you have some questions about how to play the game?
        • Would you like some advice about how to handle a specific encounter with a bully?
        • Could you use  a little extra support about how to keep your emotions under control when a bully confronts you?
        • Are you having trouble with friends?
        • Is someone being “mean” to you?


If so, you’re not alone. Scarlett understands what you’re going through, and she’s here to help! She just launched her own page here at BaffleThatBully.com called Ask Scarlett. So what are you waiting for?

Ask Scarlett a question right now!


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