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Baffle That Bully Co-Authors to Speak at CSROA Bullying Conference 2013 in San Diego

Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini: Baffle That Bully Co-Authors, Anti-Bullying Advocates, Speakers

  We are thrilled to announce that Baffle That Bully Co-Authors Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini will be speaking at the California School Resource Officers’ Association (CSROA) Bullying Conference 2013 in SanDiego Oct 28-29th. ¬†Our session is entitled Baffle That Bully: A Mother and Daughter Share Their Story and Strategy for Empowering the Target. We’ll cover 5 main topics: 1. How we discovered our child was the target of emotional and verbal bullying 2. Who helped in making things better 3. The 3 Step Strategy we created that helped our daughter turn encounters with bullies into a game 4. How we transformed this negative experience into something positive 5. …

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