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Back to School Empowerment: I am Titanium

Image of kids holding hands in victory pose on a mountain top at sunrise with empowering quote by David Guetta and Sia: You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am Titanium.

    Image of kids holding hands in victory pose on a mountain top at sunrise with empowering quote by David Guetta and Sia: “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall. I am Titanium.” This is an awesome quote for back-to-school! No matter what anyone says, know that you are fine just as you are. It’s that old stick and stones thing. I know lots of bloggers, tweeters, and Facebookers have been saying lately that those words really DO hurt, and we need to work on being more kind. I agree completely! We need to work toward a world where everyone treats each other with kindness and respect. But, …

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You Have Power

Red to orange gradient background with empowering quote: The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any

  “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker You have power! Believe it. We understand just how powerless you can feel when people are being mean to you or emotionally and verbally bullying you. But we want to remind you that you do have the right to be yourself and the power to hold your head high. The bullies are the ones with the problem – not you. Sometimes it’s helpful to learn some steps for managing encounters with bullies, mean kids, or even rude adults. Baffle That Bully teaches 3 steps to follow each time you encounter …

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The Power of Positive Communication from “A Platform for Good”

Amy Jones Anichini Co-Author of Baffle That Bully and Anti-Bullying Advocate

1/1/15 update: FOSI recently changed the name of A Platform for Good to Good Digital Parenting. This article and links have been updated to reflect that change. Baffle That Bully! co-author Amy Jones Anichini wrote an article recently about the ripple effect of positive communication for A Platform for Good (now called Good Digital Parenting) – a division of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). You can read the full article here: The Power of Positive Communication It’s amazing how what starts with just one person can spread. Today, try to improve your relationship with someone (your child, your spouse, a friend or co-worker) by giving that person your full, …

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Building Confidence: One of the Keys to Bully-Proofing Your Child

Letter written by a child to a bully: Dear Bully, You no longer have any power over me!

When your child has been the target of bullying, the whole family can dread the first day of a new school year … and all the days that follow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children informed their bullies that the jig is up, so the bully might as well quit trying to torment them? I picture my child writing a note and handing copies to everyone who has ever verbally or emotionally bullied her. It goes something like this:   Well, even if we can’t get our children to go this extreme, we can help them develop this mindset: there is no way you’re going to win, bully! If …

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Believe in Yourself

Confidence building quote written in sand at beach: Believe in Yourself

  “Believe in Yourself” One of many positive quotes by Baffle That Bully! ********** We encourage you to: Share, Re-Post, Like, Pin, Download, Print, or otherwise use to remind someone of how great they are! Please don’t alter in any way. BaffleThatBully.com MUST remain on the image.  

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10-Year-Old Author Teaches Kids How She Got Rid of Her Bullies

10-Year-Old Chase Anichini, Co-Author of Baffle That Bully, holding her book

4th grader Chase Anichini knows what it’s like to be bullied. For more than 2 years she dealt with kids who constantly picked on her, called her names and told her that nobody liked her. She tried ignoring them, she tried reporting them to the teacher, and she tried avoiding them. But no matter what she did, the bullies continued to verbally abuse her. So, Chase realized she had a choice to make: either allow those kids to continue to make her life miserable or take control of the situation. “I decided not to give in,” said Chase. “There was no way I was going to allow those bullies to …

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