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Baffle That Bully Co-Authors to Speak at CSROA Bullying Conference 2013 in San Diego

Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini: Baffle That Bully Co-Authors, Anti-Bullying Advocates, Speakers

  We are thrilled to announce that Baffle That Bully Co-Authors Amy Jones Anichini and Chase Anichini will be speaking at the California School Resource Officers’ Association (CSROA) Bullying Conference 2013 in SanDiego Oct 28-29th.  Our session is entitled Baffle That Bully: A Mother and Daughter Share Their Story and Strategy for Empowering the Target. We’ll cover 5 main topics: 1. How we discovered our child was the target of emotional and verbal bullying 2. Who helped in making things better 3. The 3 Step Strategy we created that helped our daughter turn encounters with bullies into a game 4. How we transformed this negative experience into something positive 5. …

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Bully Baffler Scarlett Jones is Ready to Talk to Her Readers

Darling cartoon character Scarlett Jones wants to teach children how to Baffle That Bully

So, you’ve read the book Baffle That Bully! and met the heroine Scarlett Jones.  Scarlett showed you how to play The Game That Puts YOU in Control & Makes the Bully Lose Interest. But there is a lot of information packed into that little book of self-empowerment, isn’t there? As you’re learning to play the game and baffle YOUR bullies, Scarlett thought you might like to talk to her. Do you have some questions about how to play the game? Would you like some advice about how to handle a specific encounter with a bully? Could you use  a little extra support about how to keep your emotions under control when …

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10-Year-Old Author Teaches Kids How She Got Rid of Her Bullies

10-Year-Old Chase Anichini, Co-Author of Baffle That Bully, holding her book

4th grader Chase Anichini knows what it’s like to be bullied. For more than 2 years she dealt with kids who constantly picked on her, called her names and told her that nobody liked her. She tried ignoring them, she tried reporting them to the teacher, and she tried avoiding them. But no matter what she did, the bullies continued to verbally abuse her. So, Chase realized she had a choice to make: either allow those kids to continue to make her life miserable or take control of the situation. “I decided not to give in,” said Chase. “There was no way I was going to allow those bullies to …

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